Fences add privacy and security to homes

Fences add privacy and security to homes. They also provide aesthetic appeal and protect animals, children, and property from intruders. Whether you’re planning to install a simple wooden fence, a decorative picket fence, or a security fencing system, a fence company in Florida can help you choose the right materials and design for your needs.

The right fence contractor can help you determine the best materials Fence Repairs for your needs and ensure that your new fence is installed correctly. They’re knowledgeable about fencing materials, building codes, and installation techniques. They’ll also make sure that your fence meets all of your legal requirements.

When choosing a fence company, it’s important to choose one with a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service. It’s also a good idea to ask for references or examples of previous work. You should also get itemized estimates to compare costs and find the best deal.

A family owned and operated business based in Central Florida, Florida State Fence has been in the fence industry for more than fifteen years. They specialize in residential and commercial fences. Their team is dedicated to providing incredible customer service from quote to installation.

They are licensed, bonded and insured. Their experienced team can handle all your fencing needs including design, construction and installation of wood, vinyl and aluminum fences. They will take pride in their work and always treat each customer with respect.

Their materials are 100% American-made and their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. They also provide a free consultation and are dedicated to making your home more beautiful with custom fencing.

A former Lake County resident, Valerie Valarezo, paid Family Fence $3,500 for a fence in November 2019. She said Cronenwett and two other employees showed up at her home and dug 3-feet-deep post holes along the perimeter of her yard. When they left, she says Cronenwett told her they would come back to complete the job.

She paid the money and then tried to schedule a time for them to return to finish their work. But when she called, she found out that Cronenwett was using an alias, claiming to be Jeff Cox.

According to Florida case law, a fence built on a property line that separates adjoining landowners does not require permission from both parties unless it’s for a specific purpose such as preventing trespassing or vandalism. This can lead to neighbors arguing over boundary lines and fences, which can be costly and frustrating.

Many people are frustrated by the lack of cooperation between their neighbors and often turn to a fence company in Florida to resolve their problems. However, Florida law makes it illegal to build a fence that interferes with a neighbor’s property rights, commonly known as a “spite fence.”

After learning about Cronenwett’s activities, News 6 contacted several former Family Fence customers who say they’ve been waiting months for their refunds. They say they’ve tried to get in touch with Tomko, who identifies as the founder of the company but declined to speak with News 6, and Cronenwett’s business partner. Several former Family Fence customers also say they’ve paid out thousands of dollars in deposits only to have them go unreturned.