Phone Validation Software

Phone validation software is a tool that ensures phone numbers you collect from users are valid before adding them to your database or sending a text message. This helps you avoid losing time and money on campaigns that do not reach the intended recipients because of inaccurate or outdated contact information.

Many companies have experienced dissatisfactory conversion rates or lost money due to invalid contact information, especially for SMS marketing campaigns. This type of marketing campaign enables businesses to send messages directly to consumers via their mobile devices. However, if these messages are sent to incorrect or inactive phone numbers, they will be ignored or returned undeliverable. This wastes resources and reduces the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

A reliable phone number verification tool can identify inactive, spoofed, and disconnected phone numbers. It can also identify the network carrier and country of origin of a phone number, and determine whether it is landline or mobile/cellular. It can even tell whether a phone number is a VOIP or VoIP service.

Using a phone validation tool to clean up your list of contact details before sending out SMS or calling them is essential in any marketing campaign. It saves time and money, and allows you to reach more of your target audience and achieve a higher return on investment for your business.

Most marketing service providers offer phone validation software as part of their services. This can be done on a subscription basis or as a paid-as-you-go option, depending on the amount of data you need to validate. The majority of these services will verify the country of origin, check if the number is active or not, and provide other information such as carrier, region, and line type.

The best phone validation software will offer a free trial or a demo account that you can use to test the software before you commit to paying for a full subscription. This is a great way to get an idea of how the software works and see if it will be a good fit for your business before you make a purchase.

Some of the top phone number verification tools include JookSMS, SMART Phone, Sinch, and TextMagic. These tools are simple to use and can be integrated into a website or mobile application to instantly validate phone numbers. They can scan up to 15000 phone numbers at once, and can detect disconnected or spoofed numbers as well as determine the type of device the user is on. They can even ping a phone number to find out if it is still in service.

Another popular tool is Byteplant’s Phone Validator, which can automatically detect typos in sign-up forms and maintain high quality contact lists. It can be used in conjunction with web forms or a mobile app, and is fully FCC and TCPA compliant. The tool can be plugged into your favorite CRM and marketing apps like Salesforce Lightning and Classic, Zoho, PipeDrive, and HubSpot to automatically validate phone numbers at the point of entry. By integrating it with your preferred workflows, you can save time and improve the accuracy of your data.